Was in Bangkok to finished up Desmond’s tattoo with one of my good brother, Victor, who works at Exotics Tattoo Studio for a short 3 days 2 nights trip. It was great knowing that I had loyal customers like Desmond who are willing to pay for my airfare and lodgings so that i can finish up his tattoo. The trip started out really nice as Victor and I had a great time just chilling and drinking in the swimming pool on the top level of the hotel.

I started working on Desmond’s tattoo the next morning and we managed to finished it in around 2 hours as I had already finished the lines and background shading during the last trip last month. His body suit is finally done. I did the story of Taira No Tomomori for his backpiece coverup, Karasu Tengu on his right chest to arm, and a Tengu on his left chest.

Countless of hours have been dedicated to his body and I thank him for the trust and determination. Looking forward to more clients like Desmond who’re willing to entrust their whole body to my ideas and rendition based on Traditional Japanese Motif. See you soon Desmond!

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